Your home should be your sanctuary. The best homes are typically the ones that are carefully curated with things the resident loves—items that bring them joy or inspiration. Although a piece of furniture or home decor doesn’t need to be high-end to meet that criteria, it certainly helps that many designer and luxe items are crafted with more intention, more care than those that are produced in mass quantities and sold by the millions. Higher quality equates not only to higher value, but also to longevity and uniqueness. The way one decides to furnish their home speaks volumes. It speaks to their taste: do they have good taste? Or perhaps that perfect amount of bad taste? Besides, gallery walls and tabletop sculptures shouldn’t have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to adding decorum and personality to your space. Furniture can be just as stylish and artistic as it should be functional and useful. Where one person sees a coffee table, another sees an art installation. Consider the expectations for furniture raised. From high end wood furnishings to modern finds, here, 29 luxury furniture brands that are setting the new standard.

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